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Christmas Roundup!

NY Times Fact Check Fail on Excess Deaths - Part II

Sunday Roundup 12/3/23

I'm Thankful For My Subscribers!

Roundup 11/19

Conflating Credentials With Moral Authority

US Govt-affiliated group attempted to censor my *correct* tweet about the Covid vaccine.

Did the Entire Media Industry Misquote a Hamas Spokesperson?

NYT Uses Photo of Wrong Location for Hospital Story

Open Discourse is the Central Pillar of a Free Society

After Complaints, Pharmacy Conference Cancels Scheduled Keynote by Doctor.

The Selective Word Choice of the Legacy Media.

Sunday Roundup 10/1/23

New Pfizer Study the Media is Not Covering: 3-Doses of Covid Vax for Kids Under 5 Had No Significant Benefit

The NYT Publishes Falsehood by Former Biden Covid Coordinator About UK Vaccine Policy

Sunday Roundup

A Study's Bombshell Finding That Has Been Ignored

On the Current Covid "Surge": Misinformation from the Media and the Experts

JAMA study on misinformation... spreads misinformation!

State Dept Investigator: US Govt Is Withholding Critical Information About The Lab Leak

Fauci's Deceit

Pfizer Ad Spreads Misinformation

New York Times Cites False CDC Covid Data, Inflating Pediatric Mortality Count

A Little-Discussed Consequence of the Pandemic for Children

The Myth of the GOP Puppet Master

How the HHS Director Erred by Weighing in on the SCOTUS Decision

An Influential Yet Little-Known Document May Determine Your Civil Liberties

Updates, and a Recommendation

The Most Important Test You’ve Never Heard Of

Yet Another European Study Contradicts CDC Doctrine

The Strange Ethics Of Government Disaster Assistance

Part II - The School That Couldn't Quit Covid: Some Thoughts (and Science) On Why This Happened

The School That Couldn't Quit Covid

A Congressional Hearing and a Representative's Perpetuation of a False Narrative

Biden White House Pressured Meta To Moderate Texts On WhatsApp

Denials by Fauci and Collins of Supporting Gain-of-Function Research Are "Brazenly Untruthful"

Society of Snitches

When a Renegade Church and a Zealous County Health Department Collide

Alarming Findings From a New Study on Kids' Screen Time During *and After* School Interruptions

The Remarkable Connection Between Free Speech and Bodily Autonomy at Universities

A New Study Shows Why Mask Mandates Will Always Be Doomed to Fail