I know it’s a quote, that’s why I put it in quotes and that it’s not your language. I’m a big fan of your work and did not mean to imply that it was you making that statement—sorry it was not clear.

I just refuse to accept blaming anyone but ourselves for the unmitigated disaster we created—societal, financially—in a quixotic attempt to “go medieval” on a virus. We did this to ourselves and it drives me crazy when some people say that “Covid did this,” or “China knew more than they were sharing with the rest of the world.”

I don’t care if it was a lab leak or came from a Wuhan Walmart. What matters to me is how every institutional authority uncritically took advice from the CCP like they were suddenly trustworthy and decided to follow CCP guidelines instead of following over a hundred years of tried and tested pandemic experience.

That is the question that I think is critical: why did nearly all institutional authorities fall into lockstep in pushing one of the most destructive public policies outside of a world war for a virus that was know, thanks to the Diamond Princess, to have an influenza-like IFR?

The U.S. intelligence services saw those videos coming out of Wuhan in early 2020 and were convinced a plague was upon us and convinced everyone else in government and media? The reaction just makes zero sense.

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“Beijing can get away with with millions dead, sending much of the world economy into a tailspin, and costing us trillions to recover.”

First, number of dead FROM Covid, as opposed to WITH Covid, is far from settled. Just the U.S. numbers may constitute the biggest accounting fraud in history.

Second, Beijing didn’t force NYC hospitals to intubate (which most assuredly killed) tens of thousands, or force the stellar governors of NY and NJ to clear hospital beds by sending elderly Covid-sick patients back to nursing homes. Beijing/WHO may have recommended ventilators, but since when does the U.S. take advice from Beijing uncritically?

Third, Beijing did not, as far as I know, come up with the “two weeks to flatten the curve” which lead seamlessly into lockdown. Which lead to the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. And, the CARES package would have passed WITHOUT a floor vote had it not been for Rep. Thomas Massie insisting on one. Also, Beijing no where in sight during that vote.

Beijing is MOST definitely NOT to blame for the United States (politicians, local, state, federal; media; academia; public health) unleashing the most cataclysmic (attempted) mitigation measures to “stop” a VIRUS the world has ever seen.

Covid and Beijing did not eviscerate the public’s trust in all of the above institutions, they most assuredly did that to themselves. And good luck getting it back, regardless of where the virus came from.

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Almost 4-years now and no link to nature yet. Seems time is close to concluding this discussion.

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