I just don’t understand what it will take for SARS-Cov-2 to not be considered the equivalent of the plague. The list of stats indicating a microscopic to non-existent level of threat to the VAST majority would seem irrefutable at this point.

And yet.

I, too, appreciate your journalistic integrity, David, but at this point in the hysteria I’m physically and mentally incapable of giving anyone like Wachter any leeway in his profound, prolonged, perpetual mental illness surrounding what exactly is worth worrying about.

Wachter is the same man that refused to see his grandchildren for close to three years, if I’m not mistaken. To put off living one’s life due to any reason, is a life not worth living. That this cowardly man is so influential is the clearest example of how riddled with fear and anxiety our society has become and wishes to remain.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and accurate reporting. This is why I paid for a subscription! I believe the covid alarmists are desperately trying to remain relevant and maintain their base of followers by telling them what they tune in to hear/read. I feel like most people have moved on, but there are still thousands who have fully embraced the forever-covid doctrine with religious zeal. I posted a comment on another Substack about an attempt, over a year ago, by the large state university our daughter attends to restart a mask mandate after a semester of in-person classes and no mask requirements. (There was a real or imagined uptick in "cases" in the county.) The mandate got a lot of push-back and was scrapped a few days later. I hope this is where we're at as a society, in spite of the Dr. Wachters and Eric Dings of the world.

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"Overstating the effect of human actions on transmission reduction—such as claiming that Covid prevalence rises and falls based on the extent that people “let their guard down”—exacerbates division among the populace. " And that is EXACTLY the point. Inside The Matrix, experts must work diligently to depress and fragment populations so they are easily controlled. Are they conscious they're doing it? Probably not. But this emergent behavior runs rampant, especially among those with obvious OCD/OCPD like Wachter. Masks work to create and maintain the social order that experts crave. And that has very little to do with actual reality, nor people's personal agency. https://empathy.guru/2021/07/19/the-structural-memetics-of-masks/

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They’re gearing up to remask and shut down again. Last week’s conspiracy theory is today’s news.

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When will people stop listening to these “experts?”

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David is being too kind to Wachter. I live in SF and the number of times he's been on media is astounding-- this, from a guy who is supposed to head the most important department at the largest and most prestigious hospital network in the Bay Area. He's somehow made time to write a book about his experience and is a mask and lockdown zealot, who would put us under glass if he had his druthers.

Look up the time his adult son caught covid and the panic Wachter put himself through, as well as bafflement that it could happen to his family, who practically covered themselves in bubble wrap during the pandemic. I for one don't feel at all good that a professional hypochondriac is the go-to source for Covid info at the SF Chronicle and our local NPR station, as well as numerous TV outlets.

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You should post directly to YLE comments David. Her latest post today:


She rarely replies to constructive feedback [1], but your bigger name might get a response on Substack. I really wish more debate was happening within substack as it allows more thoughtful commenting and less focus on "dunking".

Also, posting your reply to Bob so people don't have to dig through his rambling infinity threads:



[1] Every now and then she does respond to polite feedback pointing out her mistakes:


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I think it is a safe bet that pretty much any government declaration that relate to global or national security issue is a psy-op, forged in the crucible of the Deep State.

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Great piece!

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Aug 24, 2023·edited Aug 24, 2023

The only thing left for me to learn about Bob Wachter is did his son get laid or not before, during, or after his historic battle with Covid? That's it. That's the only missing piece of information about Bob, for me at least.


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I still wear an N-95 in crowded places, mostly because there is only one treatment for COVID that I can’t take.

The vaccines will never keep up with the mutations (I won’t take any more vaccines) and am still recuperating from surgery and radiation. Perhaps the mask is just my security blanket, but I believe no-one at this point. Dr. Wachter not only got COVID, he damn near killed himself after a fall then posted a pic of his goofy grin.

I’m off Twitter (X) now as it’s just an insane place to get info.

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